Sound & Flash Grenades

1 Bang - 2 Bang - 7 Bang - 9 Bang

The battle against terrorism creates new demands for the industry which equips anti terror forces.

Products made by SET ensure that the users are being provided with high quality equipment to handle the job they have to do with optimized equipment SET was asked by Special Forces to develop new kind of Sound & Flash grenades with special effect for the different tasks required. SET solved the multiple requirements and demands for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Users have the choice between different versions of grenades e.g. 1 Flash / Bang effect, 2 Flash / Bang effects, 7 or 9 Flash / Bang effects, or other effect combinations as well as of variable delay times, ignition systems, sound level, weight and diameter. All grenades are available with additional effects like CS, OC or Screening Smoke. A training Sound & Flash grenade complete the SET Sound & Flash family.

The SET Sound & Flash grenades are safe in handling, safe for peoples and are made in Germany by qualified experts.

Bild13 Bild9 Bild9 Bild9 Bild13

Different Sound & Flash Grenades

Technical Data

Sound & Flash, 1 Bang Sound & Flash, 2 Bang Sound & Flash, 7 or 9 Bang
Dimension 40 x 130 mm 40 x 130 mm 60 x 115 mm
Ignition Fly off Lever or electric Fly off Lever or electric Fly off Lever or electric
Std. Delay time 1.5 sec. * 1.5 sec. * 1.5 sec. *
Loudness up to 180 dB * up to 180 dB * 150 dB *
Additional effects CS, OC, Screening smoke CS, OC, Screening smoke CS, OC, Screening smoke

*or according to customer requirements