Company Profile


SET is located in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg. The management as well as the employs have, over 30 years experience in the field of pyrotechnics as well as of security products.


Asymmetric warfare and the fight against terrorism, creates new demands for the industry which equips the Special Forces. SET is ready to fulfill these demands.


Taylor made products - developed in close cooperation with the end user lead to new products ideas to protect forces which are in charge of fighting against terrorism. The R&D department of SET develops innovations, not only on its own, but also in cooperation with external laboratories and universities. So, SET develops product and system solutions even beyond existing state of the art.


Experts in the security, training and pyrotechnic field ensure, that users obtain products and systems which are state of the art for the protection of human lives. Experience staff and production managers guarantee highest quality and in time delivery of products and systems. SET and its partners are registered and certified with all relevant institutions, including but not limited to ISO 9001 and relevant MIL Standards.


Based on a solid know how of SET within the industry, this leads to an international network of competence. Input from markets, science, universities and institutions guarantees a steady increase of competence and innovations.

SET generates partnerships to obtain the close loop of protection with its exclusive partners.

Field of activities:

Protection of facilities like harbors, air fields or oilfields can be realized by using our large area screening smoke – this screening smoke guarantees that important facilities can be camouflaged in very short time.

Protection of VIP cars or light armed vehicles can be realized by using our "Vehicle Active Defense System". In case of an attack Non Lethal ammunition, like Flash Bang, Screening smoke, Teargas or Rubber balls, can be fired from launchers which are fitted under the bumpers of the vehicle.

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Screening smoke Grenade fired from VADS System SWAT Team fired a Flash Bang Grenade Observer use a SET Directional Microphone